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sobota 27. ledna 2018

Dopis do BBC a Guardienu: Zeman vyhrál volby, jsem znechucený a frustrovaný

Pan Zeman skutečně tu pohanku dokouřil (?), a opět vyhrál volby. Své zklamání a frustraci jsem sdílel do redakce BBC a The Guardian, zde i pro vás:
Czech presidential election disappointment

Dear BBC and Guardian,

I just want to say that as a citizen of the Czech Republic, I am highly and sincerely disappointed by Mr. Zeman winning the elections again today. We, the Czech republic, will be again for several next years presented in a way I do not like, as well as probably the other half of the population.

This picture includes fellow games with Russia and China, highly undemocratic regimes, where human rights are greatly violated. Also xenophobic behavior and acceptance of lies and deceptions.

I am deeply worried about our society, where people vote for representatives who lie and swindle. Mr. Zeman, among other things like being physically weak and ill, does both. Our Prime Minister the same case - telling lies and cheating with grants (see the OLAF report). I am so ashamed...

Why people do not reflect this? Is it really so they do not mind rogue politicians causing harm? What does it tell about us as a society?

Significant part of Zeman's voters voted him because of untrue and manipulated argument that Mr. Drahoš is connected with migrants. Which is simply not true. Look at this disinformation campaign... unprecedented! Zeman's campaign financing is still a mystery, people from his friendship society are leaving interviews when unable to explain it...  I do not want the Czech Republic being perceived as xenophobic i-do-not-care-bout-human-rights and we-love-to-steal-and-lie European country! :( 

Just wanted to share this frustration...
I hope we will achieve a higher level of society one day...

Best regards,
Martin crysman Zahradník


Nemám sílu víc psát, držím smutek. Smutek za to, že neustále maříme rozkvět spravedlnosti, pravdy, a společnosti a civilizace jako celku (naneštěstí nejen u nás v ČR - viz Trump D. v USA, Putin v Rusku, Korea, Čína, Kongo, Jižní Amerika... je to smutek :(

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